Current focus: I frolic amidst Product Management and banging on the keyboard until the code is crafted into working software.

I am primarily coding in JavaScript: node, react, vanilla, the works. I am slowly being dragged aboard the strongly typed JavaScript train 🚂.

Technology/skills I enjoy using:

Javascript, Nodejs, React, Jest, SASS/LESS/etc, CSS
Agile practices, KTDA’s

Technology/skills I have used:

Standard web "stuff" → HTML, CSS, SASS/LESS/etc, Bootstrap
Javascript "backend" → Nodejs, Express, Mongoose, Mongodb, Sinon
JavaScript "frontend" → React, Jest, React Testing Library, Webpack, Backbonejs, JQuery
Datastores → Mongodb, SQL, Bigquery, SOQL (Salesforce)
Others → git(hub), Python, C++, Java, Visualforce (Salesforce templates), Apex (essentially Salesforce proprietary Java), PHP
Also → Agile development practices, Salesforce Administration, JIRA, coda, Kepner Tregoe Decision Analysis (KTDA)

Feel free to checkout my github, pirate-matt. Most of my past work has not been public, so it's a little sparse, but it slowly gets a larger public footprint.

If you are wondering if I can do something, don't hesitate to ask!