Currently focus: I'm a full-time Senior Software Engineer at PactSafe.
We develop almost exclusively in JavaScript: node.js, backbone, react, vanilla, the works.

Languages/Skills I Like:
Javascript, Nodejs, React, Jest, SASS/LESS, HTML
Agile practices, KTDA’s

Languages/Skills I've Used:
Javascript, Nodejs, Express, Mongoose, Mongodb, SQL, Apex, Python, C++, Mocha, Sinon
React, Jest, Backbonejs, JQuery, SASS/LESS, HTML, Visualforce, Bootstrap
Salesforce, MVC, Agile practices (scrum-like), Kepner Tregoe Decision Analysis (KTDA)

Feel free to checkout my github, pirate-matt. Most of my past work has not been public, so it's a little sparse, but it slowly gets a larger public footprint.

If you are wondering if I can do something, don't hesitate to ask!